Tribunal fees now unlawful – why it matters

The Supreme Court has now ruled that Employment Tribunal fees are now unlawful. It has a major implication for small employers and the economy as a whole. Fees were introduced to reduce the number of frivolous and vexatious claims, for which they were very successful. Now, how ever fair and reasonable a dismissal might be, […]

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GDPR for employers – are you ready?

Sony, Talk Talk, the NHS are big organisations caught by hackers. But small businesses are vulnerable too, perhaps more vulnerable since few realise the risks they are running. With the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) coming into force in May 2018 and covering all employers, even microbusineses, now is a good time to address the […]

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Tackling poor productivity

A new campaign has been launched designed to encourage British businesses to tackle the UK’s poor productivity rates. Among the G7 countries the UK now lags behind all but Japan in terms of productivity. The nationally based Productivity Leadership Group has set up a pilot scheme for SMEs called Productivity through People in conjunction with […]

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Gig workers, living wage and the Taylor review

With the Taylor review now published employers may want to re-consider the nature of their employment relationships; or perhaps not. Buy anything online today and the odds are that it will be delivered to your door by a gig worker. Someone who is not protected by mainstream employment legislation and whose earnings, quite likely, will […]

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Would one of your employees fake cancer?

It emerged in June that a secretary in Hull had managed to con her employers of more than £15,000 by falsely claiming she had cancer. It was an elaborate hoax including the faking of chemotherapy treatment, vomiting at work and shaving her head. Her employers were taken in completely. From exaggerations on a CV to […]

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