Was there neglect of HR by United Airlines?

There is a video, viral on social media, of a bloodied passenger being manhandled by cabin staff when he refused to relinquish his seat. This has done significant damage to the United Airlines business and created a fall in their share price. But a major public relations disaster with such financial consequences cannot mean they […]

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Poor disciplinary record and dismissal

Some employers will be familiar with the employee who goes through all stages of the disciplinary procedure; only to keep their record clean until the last warning has expired before then re-offending. What can you do? Employment Tribunals can look at a wider picture when assessing the fairness of a dismissal – that is was […]

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How HR and social media can harness an opportunity

Translation of the bible into English led to people being burned at the stake. Early printing presses were destroyed to prevent uncomfortable information reaching wider sources. Julian Assuage is unlikely to be burned at the stake, but he may want to be cautious about whom he embarrasses. Improvements in communication have never been popular with […]

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Corporate Social Responsibility CSR – are you socially responsible

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)  is a grand title, and the addition of the word “corporate” is not necessarily appropriate. All businesses, large and small are affected by the environment around them. Whether it is the labour market supply, availability of training or transport links, the local community impacts on business. In return all businesses have […]

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