Could the Russians hack your data via your employees?

Probably. But, in reality, the far more serious threat is much closer to home. Employees are the main source of leaks and they are where you are the most vulnerable to loss of data. “Social engineering” can provide a channel to the heart of your computer systems and the amount of “hacking” expertise required is […]

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Would you like some older workers?

In February the Government’s business champion for older workers, Andy Briggs CEO of Aviva, called for a million more older workers to be in work by 2022. Attitudes to retirement are changing as we discussed in an earlier blog. There were fears in 2011, that, following removal of automatic retirement, older workers would become “incapable” […]

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Motivating sales staff

Commission schemes are a typical approach to motivating sales staff. The question of whether or not individuals are truly motivated just by money is a debate that has raged for decades. But, in our experience of incentive schemes it is the design of the scheme that is crucial to its success, and to avoiding disputes […]

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