Self-employed or worker – call them what you like, Mr Mullins!

Charlie Mullins, of Pimlico Plumbers has discovered that naming someone’s employment as self-employed or worker (or sub-contractor) will make no difference. The courts will determine the correct description on the basis of facts. Read more to understand why these distinctions are important and what you can do to protect your business from unexpected holiday pay […]

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Always checking work emails? Does it improve productivity?

The emergence of Smartphones has created the situation where employees can work anywhere, anytime. But are emails, texts and apps reducing productivity rather than increasing it? France has now introduced legislation to restrain employers from requiring employees to access emails in out of work hours. Whatever one’s views about the French work ethic the fact […]

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High heels on the march over employee dress codes

In recent months employees among our clients have shown more interest in employee dress codes than any other HR policy or procedure within their employee handbook. A petition to stop firms from requiring women to wear high heels at work has attracted over 152,000 signatures. It is unsurprising that the topic is getting the attention […]

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Top tips to increase sales performance through HR

Recently a client queried with me how HR could improve sales performance. In the first place, good recruitment is crucial. Here are some top tips. Start with the “person specification” Spend time thinking through the skills and qualities you want in each sales person that you want to recruit. For example, if it is a […]

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