Employees’ Christmas debts and pay advances

Santa’s elves could have been leading parents (and others) astray over Christmas. CIPD report that one employee in four now has worry over debt and one in five is losing sleep over it. Christmas can come with a price. Anxiety over debt damages health, breaks up families and (the CIPD research shows) affects employees’ ability […]

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HR resolutions for business prosperity

Know and communicate your business purpose “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it,” Simon Sinek If you want employees to buy in to your business purpose then you have to know what that purpose is and communicate it to employees. If they know what the business is trying to achieve, […]

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Mental health crisis and employers

In theory, at least, health should never be considered a matter of discipline. The fundamental principle behind discipline is that it should address behaviours that are within an employee’s power to change. Issues of reliability, following of procedures, in-work behaviour (rather than personality) are matters that most HR professionals would regard as matters of discipline. […]

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Trust, employee engagement and well-being

We hear a lot about employee engagement today but, without trust between employer and employee, true engagement can only be an aspiration. Without trust, well-being initiatives may be seen as patronising, even manipulative. Building trust facilitates engagement and commitment. Respect for employees’ well-being is only part of that trust relationship. Where owners and managers are […]

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