Benefits of an adverse weather policy

One year ago Lancaster was reeling from the effects of storm Desmond. Recent forecasts predict an exceptionally cold and snowy winter for 2016/17. High winds, floods and snow can quickly disrupt working life. So can you expect employees to attend work? Do you have to pay them if they don’t? What if they take risks […]

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Working conditions at Amazon, the National Living Wage, and you

Amazon is in the news again, this time for working conditions at its sorting depot. One concern raised was over the National Living Wage , where if The Times article is correct, Amazon may be pushing close to the boundaries (although they do seem to be on the right side). We discovered recently that one […]

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HIV and Employment

“This stigma [of HIV] is an unacceptable stain on our society and we have to wipe it out.” Theresa May 1st Dec 2016. It was a shock when thirty years ago, as a personnel manager, I saw HIV on a deceased employee’s death certificate. At the time HIV and AIDS “enjoyed” similar press coverage to […]

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Working beyond retirement – live longer

A job applicant seeking work at 89 hit national headlines recently. He wanted to avoid boredom. But there are real benefits to all parties in working beyond retirement age. Donald Trump, Pope Francis and David Dimbleby are all working well beyond retirement age and, according to research conducted by the UK’s Chief Medical Officer, doing […]

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