Managers need to manage attendance

The latest CIPD Absence survey emphasises the need for an employees direct manager to manage attendance, but that such managers lack the tools to do so. In the survey employers saw managers taking prime responsibility for managing attendance as being a highly effective approach. Other steps that might be taken include:- Providing sickness absence reporting […]

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Uber decision, self-employed workers and you

You probably already know that a Tribunal in London has deemed Uber drivers to be “workers” engaged by the company, Uber. It means their drivers will be entitled to holiday pay and the National Living Wage. In a recent documentary Amazon has also come under scrutiny. If you engage “self-employed” workers then you need to […]

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Holiday pay – awaken from the nightmare?

The five-year saga on determining holiday pay for those on commission, and other variable earnings, continues with the latest ruling from the Court of Appeal that results based commission must be included when calculating holiday pay. This includes overtime and standby payments. Salaried staff are included. There are still uncertainties, such as how far back-pay […]

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Are you keeping up with employment legislation?

Evidence is emerging that many HR professionals are struggling to keep up with changing employment legislation and potentially the effects of Brexit will make being so critical . Medium sized organisations need to consider the Modern Slavery Act and have a policy to address its needs. Small organisations, as a matter of social responsibility should […]

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