Is recruitment bleeding profit from your organisation?

Loss of employees whether it be by dismissal or more commonly resignation is frequently regarded as simply a matter of fact and the recruitment of new employees part of what managers are employed to do. Have a look at our identification of the issues and our suggested actions to improve your profit. Recruitment is costly […]

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£30,000 awarded for misunderstanding of shared parental leave rights

Failing to share parental leave appropriately can lead to an unequal pay claim; in a recent case a father was awarded almost £30,000 after Network Rail refused to pay him what they would have paid the mother during shared parental leave. The problem arises because if an employer enhances maternity pay for a woman but […]

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The “must ask” appraisal question

There is one question that, when asked, can improve productivity and protect employers from almost all spurious Tribunal claims. Employees are often reluctant to share troubles at work for a variety of reasons. One reason is fear of prejudice. But, employees may fear that they won’t be taken seriously or simply that mentioning difficulties will […]

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HR Manager salaries continue to rise

In the North West the rise is by 8%. The People Management salary survey reveals that HR Managers can now command salaries of £48K p.a. with Business partners typically earning £66K p.a.. Today, though, small companies can still access those skills for very much less. The reason is that 80% of the value of a […]

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