Aside from morale, what does Brexit mean for Employers?

Here we speculate on some of the implications, of Brexit, for employers. Employment Law Much of the law that originates from Europe is already enshrined in Regulations and case law. English law relies on precedent and even if European directed law, such as the Working Time Regulations could be “ditched”, Judges would still need a […]

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Insisting employees take holiday

Very occasionally employees do not take holiday. Care should be taken over this as it can cause problems for you in the future. Leaving holiday to the year end What frequently happens is that employees simply overlook taking holiday and then when the end of your holiday year approaches you find more holiday requests that […]

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Brexit and employee morale

There is much uncertainty in the economy as this blog is written. The pound is at or near a record low against the dollar and the Stock Market nudging towards a record high. The CIPD has been warning of the emotional effect that Brexit may have on employees and is advising HR departments how they […]

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Protecting intangible assets

In the Courts restraint and confidentiality clauses rarely work, but there are still strong reasons for having them. In the first place “rarely” does not mean never. And despite difficulties in enforcement they can be effective for other reasons: Moral restraint Most employees are honest or society would not work. People generally will not ignore […]

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