Is it scandalous to work round the National Living Wage?

Norman Pickvance, former HR Director for Morrisons, clearly thinks so, he says: “the fact that, in this day and age, some employers are using the introduction of the NLW, which was really designed to help raise living standards in the UK, as an opportunity to cut other benefits so that their overall cost base doesn’t […]

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Do you want competitive advantage?

CIPD research, just published, shows “that for businesses to gain competitive advantage and succeed over the long term, a culture must exist which drives performance and employee well being, and engages the workforce to share its expertise in their roles”. Whether it is Sports Direct, BHS, Barclays Bank, or the Police, all organisations have a […]

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Are your employees depressed?

Hopefully not, but is sometimes (half-jokingly) said that depression is the new back pain. Certainly the prevalence of stress and depression on sick notes seems to have replaced back-pain as the most common form of sickness absence. Sadly depression is not a joke and much of the back pain reported in past decades may, in […]

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Hours of advice from top HR consultants for less than £50!

The 7th Edition of Human Resource Practice is now available. Packed with practical advice on “everything HR” from recruitment to dismissal, it has been praised as a guide to sound practice in the management of people. The book is written by two HR consultants, practising with Employer Solutions. A popular student text, the emphasis is […]

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