Employing and supporting workers with long-term health conditions: what are the challenges for employers…and what are the solutions?

Invitation to attend a free knowledge exchange workshop: Friday 8th July 12.30-4.30pm, Lancaster House Hotel, Lancaster Approximately 15million individuals in the UK have a long-term health condition and around half of the UK workforce will have at least one long-term health condition by 20301. Sickness absence alone costs employers and taxpayers an estimated £22 billion […]

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Do you give your employees 20 days holiday plus Bank Holidays?

If you do this and your holiday year runs from 1st April to 31st March then read on… Easter fell early this year, giving rise to two extra Bank Holidays in the year 1st April 2015 to 31st March 2016. That is good Friday and Easter Monday arose twice in the same holiday year. Did […]

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Stop bullying at work

Bullying and harassment is a major source of dysfunctionality in organisations and it puts employers at risk of claims of discrimination and constructive dismissal. Poor attendance levels and high staff turnover can often be traced to bullying. How can it be stopped? There are no absolute answers. Bullying may arise for lack of management skills, […]

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Should males wear skirts at work?

It has been announced that some schools will allow boys to wear skirts and girls to wear trousers. Should such flexibility be extended to the workplace? The law requires dress codes to be equivalent in their effect for both men and women, for them to be otherwise would be discriminatory. It permits, for example, the […]

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Can you survive without social media?

The ONS reports that small employers (10-49 employees ) are less likely, by a factor of almost three to one, to use social media to exchange views opinion and knowledge within their business . They are half as likely to use social media in the first place as large employers ( those with >1,000 employees). […]

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