Time to tighten up on your employment checks

With the Immigration Bill looming, and £20,000 fines on the cards, now is the time to tighten up your checks on whom you employ and their right to work in the UK. This Bill, expected to be law by the summer or shortly afterwards, means you could face that £20,000 penalty or even criminal prosecution […]

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Do you know potential when you see it?

With the unemployment rate at around 5% finding the right people for your business will become increasingly challenging. Furthermore low literacy levels, poor numerically abilities, and weak cognitive skills among the 18-25 year old group will add to the challenge. Recruiting on potential, rather than current abilities, may hold the key. CIPD research has found […]

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Can Fido feed profit?

After a raft of family friendly employment legislation the idea of pet-friendly policies may be the last concept employers would welcome. But Nestle (in Gatwick) has started “recruiting” dogs for their offices. There is an application process, assessment process, a probation period and an “on-boarding” process. WHY? Research in the USA and in the UK […]

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Is Europe good for small employers?

Regrettably, since the writer is essentially pro-European, the EU has not been particularly good for small employers. The most problematic UK employment legislation originates from the EU and its courts. Take holidays for example. Prior to 1998 these were mostly sorted out by employers and employees. There was no legal entitlement to holidays but employers […]

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