Pay pressures 2016

Not for many years has there been as much pressure, and uncertainty, over the annual pay review. Over the last decade earnings have risen very slowly and the Financial Times (February 10th 2016) reports that since 2010 the median annual pay rise has been close to 2 per cent. Those on the National Minimum Wage […]

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How to deal with dyslexia

Starbucks, in the judgement of an Employment Tribunal, clearly did not know how to do this. The Tribunal found the Company guilty of discrimination. Employers need to be inclusive and recognise that dyslexics, among others, bring different perspectives to the workplace. They may also, according to the British Dyslexic Association, have an increased ability to […]

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We are moving…

From 1st March we will be expanding into a larger office (6.3.12) here at Alston House, White Cross to accommodate our increasing team. Our address will remain the same as we are staying within the same building. The expansion into new premises comes as we mark 13 years in Lancaster. During this time we’ve established […]

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Do you get a slice of the best applicants?

For example, do you know whether job applicants jump at the prospect of working for you or just apply in the hope you are a good employer? Do they seek you out? Do those unsolicited applications show any real understanding of what you might be like as an employer or are they just a scattergun […]

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