Creating effectiveness from stressed, dysfunctional teams and individuals

Handling stress in an effective manner is a challenge for many employers and employees alike. Over the last several years meditation and mindfulness have become well respected business practices for creating stress resilience. It is no coincidence that the United States Army has seen mindfulness as a means of improving the cognitive functioning and military […]

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Hey! You! Get off of my cloud

Cloud computing is here to stay. Whether businesses are comfortable with it or not, like social media and email before it, many employees are ahead of their employers. In the United States over 50% of firms are using cloud technology with employees accessing company servers over the internet. Cyber security is a technical subject and […]

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Do employees with a disability have to declare it?

We frequently hear employers mildly aggrieved when it emerges that an employee has a disability that they never declared on applying for a job. In 2015, it was reported that 42% of disabled people seeking work found the biggest barrier to getting hired were misconceptions around what they could do. (Source ACAS) The reality is […]

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Company car accident – who is responsible?

Ultimately you, the company, are responsible for the actions of your employee. Your insurers will have to meet the costs. But who pays the excess? Before we look at the excess there may be questions about the driver, were they authorized, did they have a valid driving licence; had insurers been informed of any convictions, […]

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