Required or expected overtime?

It may be a good idea to make clear to employees that they could be required to work overtime. This will usually be from time to time but could be a regular requirement if that applies. It should be done in an employees’ written particulars, section 1 statement, or written contract of employment (the document […]

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Can you pay the Living Wage and still live?

Next April (2016) the National Minimum Wage(NMW) for those age 25 and above will become the National Living Wage (NLW): £7.20 per hour – that is a rise of 7.5%. At a time when prices are pretty static, that is going to be a massive increase in any people-intensive business. Even if you do not […]

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Everyone thinks they are underpaid, but very few people actually are

Recent research shows that of those who feel they are underpaid more than half are paid at or above their market rate. While compensation is the number one reason people leave companies, data shows two-thirds of people who are being paid the market rate believe they’re actually underpaid, representing a huge discrepancy. Source: Harvard Business […]

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When is an apprentice not an apprentice?

It is proposed in the Enterprise Bill that only those on Government accredited schemes may be described as serving an “apprenticeship”. Will it matter? Employers will need to be careful how they describe training opportunities in the future with the likelihood that offering apprenticeships without having a government accreditation will become an offence. The Government […]

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