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Holidays for zero hours, casual and part-time workers Q: My employee works hugely variable hours, has taken no holiday this year and now wants two paid weeks. How do I determine her entitlement? A: Have a look at the total number of hours she has worked in the holiday year to date. Then work out […]

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Pay is important!

Getting pay correct is crucial. ACAS recently reported that they received over 80,000 helpline calls in the last year. Many of their calls will, no doubt, have been related to holiday pay – an issue which is complex and on which we too can help. More worryingly, a recent CIPD report emphasises that economic recovery is […]

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Should employers make a friend of social media?

At a recent seminar on employee engagement the concept of an “employee voice” featured strongly. My own experience brings back terms such as “employee participation”, team briefing, upside down pyramids, joint consultative committees and (now enshrined in law) works councils; among others. The truth for employers is that it is relatively easy to communicate downwards […]

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Change and employment

In a recent seminar in Manchester Stephen Taylor of the University of Exeter gave an insightful presentation on how employment is changing. The scale of change in employment occupations is marked. In the last 15 years jobs in the managerial and professional sector of the UK have grown by nearly 20%. Meanwhile those in skilled, […]

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