You’ve got to pick a pocket or two

That loveable rogue, Fagin in Oliver, is at Lancaster Duke’s Theatre in the Park in July. But even with one in six of the population having a criminal record, employers are less keen on employing a criminal or two. However they may be missing out on a valuable source of talent. There is a useful […]

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Talking pay

It is always touchy when an employee asks for a pay rise. There may be a temptation to treat it lightly or to over react. We have some suggestions here. Treat the request calmly. It takes some courage to ask for a rise, so respect the employee for doing so. And it is better that […]

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It’s “Bike to work week” – so what?

How employees get to work may seem an irrelevance to employers – and yet it isn’t. Numerous studies show that employees who cycle (or walk) to work: Are 15% more productive at work Take half as many sick days off work Make fewer task errors Are healthier. One Australian study showed healthy employees were three […]

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