Mental health on the agenda

Increasingly, and some would argue not before time, mental health is becoming an agenda item for employers. The OECD reports that the UK loses 15 million working days per year due to depression, anxiety and stress. Quite apart from this measurable cost, we suggest that lost productivity, poor retention and the effects of bullying brought […]

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Are your employees proud to work for you?

Do you know? A recent survey suggests that many (1 in 5) are not proud of their employers. They do not feel treated with  respect and that this is a serious adverse factor in retention and recruitment. It is often the small things that suggest, correctly or otherwise, that an employer does not value, and […]

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Survey reveals wide dissatisfaction with pay

While the jury is still out on pay as a motivator, there is little question that dis-satisfaction with pay is a serious de-motivator. So when a survey by a professional body such as the CIPD reports that nearly half of all employees are dis-satisfied with their pay then employers need to take note. There is […]

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Befriend, connect or collaborate with your employees

The open-ness of social networking may help improve communication if used wisely. Contrary to expectations there is evidence that where business  networking has been implemented, incidences of bad behaviour are remarkably low. Chief Executives are larger companies are increasingly interested – but why only large companies? Networking within an organisation, offers the opportunity for employers […]

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Holiday entitlement for zero hours contracts

Those on zero hours contracts are entitled to holiday and pay as are all workers. But zero hours workers are often highly variable in their hours and the “average pay of the last eight or twelve weeks” formula can be grossly unfair to a worker with fewer hours in those weeks running up to a […]

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Don’t get crucified over holidays

If your holiday year runs from 1st April to 31st March then you could be. Adding Bank holidays to the 20 days statutory holidays will mean 2 extra days holiday this time around because Easter 2016 will fall at the end of March. But in 2016-17 there will be two Bank Holidays less and if […]

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