Happiness equals productivity, at work

An international survey provides very strong evidence that happiness at work and productivity are directly related. Read more… Drawing on 30,000 management and employees interviews across the world the iOpener Institute found high correlations between happiness at work in various sectors and their productivity. Surprisingly, top on happiness and productivity was catering where pay is […]

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£2,000 cash-back for HR advice

If you want to grow your business then your people will be crucial to your aims. The Government’s Growth voucher programme will enable you to access strategic advice from Employer Solutions, costing up to £4,000 and reclaim £2,000. Where’s the catch? You have to be an independent small or medium size business registered in England. […]

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All male workforce? We have news for you.

So far you have been relatively immune to the maternity provisions; but that is changing. Prospective fathers who expect to have a new child born on or after 5th April will also be entitled to leave, up to 52 weeks! And here’s the rub: one third of 18 to 34 year olds intend to seek […]

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