Shared parental leave – are you ready?

The final shared parental leave regulations have just been published days before they come into force on the 1st December 2014. Employers are already getting requests for information on the new right – even though much has been unclear until now – and indeed some will remain unclear for a while because other supporting legislation […]

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Unleash the power of positive relationships

A recent report confirms what most employees already know; that it is relationships at work that really drive performance – or drain it. While a good work-life balance plays a part in performance, the greater factor is the ability to cope with politics in the working environment. Successful people draw on professional, political and personal […]

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The holiday is over – overtime is to be paid for annual leave!

Over the summer the Employment Appeal Tribunal has deliberating. It has now decided that required overtime will need to be included in holiday pay calculations in the future. Back pay for up to a year, it is suggested, will need to be provided. But employers would be wise to take matters slowly. In the first […]

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