Holiday Blues

Do your employees need a holiday to get over their holiday? We are well and truly in the summer holiday season, with employees taking some quality time to recharge their batteries. But just how many employees can you rely on to return to work on their first day following a holiday? A recent survey of […]

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No need to side-line new mothers

It is unsurprising that 6 out of 10 mothers say their careers were “derailed” after becoming pregnant. The truth is that a long break from a career job does have an impact on both employer and employee. The employer has to cover the vacancy created. Figures from the CIPD put the cost of recruiting to […]

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Have rogue employers been handed a victory?

The TUC may feel that rogue employers have been handed a huge victory in the introduction of Tribunal fees. But the reduction in claims that they highlight is affected by the new two-year service requirement for bringing claims. Now that period is established, the earlier level may yet recover to some degree. It is also […]

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