We are recruiting

As Employer Solutions grows we are recognising more and more the value of social networking and web based products; not just to develop new business but to deliver more for our clients. So we are recruiting for a Digital Marketing Executive. Read the ad…

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Coping with commission and other allowances in holiday times

The European Court (ECJ) has ruled that commission must be taken into account in determining the rate of pay enjoyed by employees while on holiday. The Court was concerned that a worker may be deterred from taking annual leave if he or she suffered financial disadvantage from doing so. On average, British workers take only […]

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Should employers encourage cycling?

In recent research 55% of people questioned said they felt employers failed to encourage cycling to work. This might smack of a desire for paternalism, but should employers encourage cycling? If so, what are the advantages? Heart attacks or rather reduced risk of having them. Heart attacks are bad news for employers (not to mention […]

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