How flexible can you be?

From 30th June all employees with 26 weeks service have the right to request flexible working. That is they can ask to work fewer days or hours, to adjust start or finish times, to work from home or to job share. It is only the right to request, and employers can turn down the request. […]

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“Though the heavens fall”

The European Court of Justice has now ruled that holiday pay should not be based on basic wages or salary only. The implications are that commission, overtime, additional allowances (such as a night shift supplement) should all form part of holiday pay even if an employee is not making sales, working no overtime and is […]

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Could you be blown out of the water?

Data security is very much the province of your IT people who will endeavour to ensure your systems are secure. But the biggest risk comes from your own employees. Largely this is because increasingly employees are bringing their own devices (BYOD) to work for purposes of work. Many employees access their work e-mails on smartphones […]

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Keeping out of tribunal

Pre claim conciliation has become compulsory for employment tribunal claims lodged after 6 May 2014. This means that both ex – (usually) employees and employers need to engage in an ACAS facilitated conciliation before a tribunal claim can be progressed. This is a good opportunity for both parties. But if there is no response from […]

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