Don’t leave compassion to chance – says new research

Balancing business objectives with distress that employees may be experiencing at home is a delicate process. Almost all of us will experience some form of bereavement or traumatic event during our working lives there is therefore genuine sympathy as managers and employers. The overwhelming majority of employers do provide some form of paid compassionate leave. […]

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HR in SME’s Conference

“Frankly I didn’t appreciate that HR could be such a progressive function. The impact of our HR strategy has led to us being a completely different business to the one we were 18 months ago” M.D International Logistics Group. The Conference saw a range of classic HR approaches successfully applied to that company which had […]

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Inspection is not the answer to abuse in care

In response to the most recent Panorama revelations of abuse in care homes, the CQC has said it would work with the care sector to improve standards and is “determined to ensure problems are addressed”. But neither the revelations nor the CQC’s response to them is new. In 2011, figures showed that more than a […]

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