Watch for applicants with fake qualifications

The CIPD has recently reported that “the number of people faking qualifications, and offering the wrong information on their employment applications is quite remarkable” (Mike Emmott). Employee fraud rose by 18% in 2013 and it is dishonest access to employment that accounts for the majority of insider fraud. A sales manager of my acquaintance instituted […]

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Can I stop an employee recording a disciplinary hearing?

The employee has no specific legal right to record a disciplinary hearing and you can therefore refuse the request. Of course this refusal may lead to confrontation at what is the outset of what might be a difficult meeting. So what can you do? Conversely you may want to consider making a recording yourself, or […]

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Do I need a policy on e-cigarettes?

We’ve had a number of questions on these recently and the number of employers putting a policy in place has increased. Employers Solutions can help with a policy but there is no specific guidance and employers are very free to have policies that suit their particular situation. There are a few matters to consider: Health […]

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