Can you require an employee to work on Christmas Day?

Yes, but often no! If seven day working is the norm, and a requirement of the job, then it would be safe to assume you can insist an employee works on Christmas Day (and/or Boxing Day). In other circumstances you would need something specific in the contract to support a requirement to work on that […]

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Managing the run-up to Christmas

Pressures to meet goals prior to the holidays, getting ahead so business can continue in your absence, and expectations to keep up with the festive spirit can put a heavy toll on managers in the run up to Christmas. Many employees are ill over Christmas; which is a bit of a “downer”. There are some […]

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Attack the principle, not the person

President Obama described Mandela as a giant of history and “we can learn from him still”. A key point for me was that Mandela attacked the principle of Apartheid, not the people – i.e. not the white minority. What can we learn? Employers need sometimes to go on the “attack”. A typical approach is the […]

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