Are your employees unhappy at work?

A recent survey conducted by recruitment firm Randstad and reported by People Management suggests this is more likely for them than for their European counterparts or indeed than for others in the English speaking world. Absence levels, poor retention and lower productivity are typical outcomes. There is hope… We know from many studies that happiness […]

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The public sector pay premium challenged.

On average the public sector’s salaries are 6% higher than equivalent private sector rates and in the North West that premium is arguably much more. It is nationally negotiated pay rates and conditions that create the anomaly and in regions such as the North West they create a disparity that may well be higher. This […]

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Once more, who owns your LinkedIn contacts?

You do, of course! But then who are you? You, in this context, are an employer. The LinkedIn contacts set up by your employees are yours. That is the implication of a recent High Court decision where a former employee was ordered to provide details of her LinkedIn password (and hence her personal as well […]

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