Zero hours debate has not yet run to nothing

The Unite Trade Union still claims that these contracts are used to avoid sick pay and holiday pay. In some quarters that might be true, but it is an abuse if and where it is the case. Now Norman Pickavance, a former HR Director, is to lead an independent consultation at the instigation of Ed […]

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Human Resources, financial resources and data

As an HR Manager I strongly believed that credible information was my strongest weapon. In a world where opinion, feelings and intuition tended to hold sway, (not to mention political clout) it was only evidential facts that could be an unarguable, legitimate counter force. Google Analytics recently trumpeted success in creating a new kind of […]

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Courts create holiday complexity again!

A recent case in Neal v Freightliner Ltd, reported in Personnel Today, threatens to change the long standing assumptions made in determining what employees get paid while on holiday. Although the case has been appealed to the Supreme Court there are reasons to expect that a change in holiday pay calculations will be needed. Hereto […]

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Communication is the key to pensions auto-enrolment

Opt-outs will cause administrative headaches for employers, not least because auto-enrolment will need to be repeated on a three year cycle for each individual who opts-out. But the experience of companies in the first tranche of auto-enrolment shows opt-out rates can be as low as one in twenty. Even FirstGroup, employing drivers with an average […]

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