“Have a go” employment tribunal claims quashed

Brinkmanship has long been a feature of the Employment Tribunal scheme. Hereto the only obstacle to an employee making a Tribunal claim has been their inclination to do so. Therefore even if the employer has had a fair reason for a dismissal and has followed a sound procedure the employer could still face a tribunal […]

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“Having a go” in Employment Tribunal is getting harder

The Government is about to introduce fees to applicants who want to bring an Employment Tribunal claim against their employer. There will be a range of fees covering different types of claims ranging from £160 (for an initial issue) to £950 (for a hearing). This will change the scene from where it is now (where […]

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Is there nothing positive about zero hours?

Under a zero hours contract employees have to make themselves available for work but they are not guaranteed work; and therefore not paid if it is not available. It is a form of contract which may suit circumstances where there is a fluctuating need for workers at any one time. It can be distinguished from […]

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So Unite will opt-in – so to speak.

Further to yesterday’s Blog it seems that Unite will accept the principle whereby their members only contribute to the Labour  Party where those members opt-in to doing so. I wonder if they read the Blog! So it will be interesting to see if this change produces a resurgence in Trade Union membership as employees from […]

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Unite might be opting out of an opportunity

In the era of the “closed shop” I joined a Trade Union, even though working in industrial relations for the management team. Mine was a comparatively minor split-loyalty position as in that organisation as we also had a local “Worker Director” (a strong Trade Unionist) on the Board of the company. It must be right […]

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