Gagging, whistling and floundering

Compromise agreements protect employers from Employment Tribunal claims and it is usual for a clause to be included agreeing that one party will not make adverse statements about the other. Mainly they are there to prevent an aggrieved ex-employee going around saying what a rogue he or she thinks you are. But recently such clauses […]

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Politics in the workplace

Hereto dismissing an employee because you disliked their politics was straightforward provided you acted quickly (i.e. before acquisition of unfair dismissal rights). From 25th June that will no longer be the case and dismissing an employee for their politics will be protected, along with other discrimination protection, a day one right. There may be room […]

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So you think you are paying the National Minimum Wage?

Last year over 26,000 workers have received, between them, some £4M in back pay as a result of HMRC orders. Some 708 employers have been fined. You will not, of course, be next – but are you sure? There are a few simple checks you can make: Whom do you employ? In the first place, […]

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Time for an appraisal of performance management

The concept that people’s work performance can somehow be managed by others is one that dies hard.  “Management by Objectives”, “360 degree appraisal”, “Competencies” are words disturbing enough to strike fear into the most committed of employees.  The very words performance management  are much used as a euphemism for a capability, or even a disciplinary, […]

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