Are your employees legal?

If you are offering employment then, to ensure compliance with the Asylum & Immigration Act 1996, you are required to check one of two types of document to meet legal requirements. To avoid claims of discrimination you should check ALL new employees on appointment. If you have not been doing so, then it would be […]

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Elevated status for “part timers”

“Part-timer” used to be a jibe; implying lack of commitment. Certainly “putting in the hours” has long been regarded as giving competitive advantage and essential for would be hospital consultants, entrepreneurs, and high achieving politicians. Margaret Thatcher used to sleep only a few hours a night and Boris Johnson reputedly does a day’s work before […]

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Institute of Directors demands ‘compensated no fault dismissal’!

The Institute of Directors (IOD) has called for employment law changes to support UK businesses, including the revival of controversial proposals for a ‘compensated no fault dismissal’ law. Statutory employment law is not the problem. The real problem is the body of case law that has built up in British and European courts. This makes […]

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Cancer at work

During our working lifetime cancer will, almost certainly, touch us all; be it ourselves (we hope not) or a loved one (although again we hope not). But on a positive note, more and more of those affected will be able to continue working or be able to return to work after treatment. All the time […]

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