Who owns your connections?

As private and business increasingly merge in the modern world questions of who owns a social media account, and all its contacts, is emerging as a matter that needs to be addressed. Contacts are crucial in any business environment and social media is starting to provide an invaluable source of contacts. Background knowledge from Twitter, […]

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Warning employees of facebook transgressions – new video

Little by little employers are making use of social media for business purposes – no more so than in marketing. We have been working with Jane’s Social Media recently, a company specialising in the business use of social media. For our part, we want to ensure that, where companies are taking advantage of these new […]

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Boosting productivity – keep employees at work

Nothing damages your contribution from an employee as much as paying them to be at home when they should be at work. Even if you don’t pay them there are costs associated with their absence in lost productivity, cover at premium rates and disruption. Last year employees on average took nearly 7 days off sick. […]

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Increasing pressure on companies to allow remote working.

There is increasing pressure on employers in the UK to allow flexible working including remote working. This article, from a leading law firm, emphasises the pressure arising from the statutory right to (request) flexible working; from a forthcoming statutory Acas code of practice; and from equality legislation. Many argue that home-working is more productive.Certainly commuting […]

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