The added value of an Employee Survey

Employees often hold back what they really think of their employer. Indeed recent statistics for the UK show that: Only 54% enjoyed their day-to-day tasks while less than half (48%) thought that the organisation they worked for was well managed and a mere 43% of employees agreed that there was a positive relationship between management […]

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Impact of an HR Health Check

Just a flavour of the type of impact that an HR Health check can have: Assess and reduce the risks and vulnerabilities to which, an as employer, you will be inevitably exposed Reduce shortcomings in selecting new employees; instead have the right people in the right positions and make huge performance improvements Lower your recruitment […]

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Indemnity – is it worth it?

With indemnity, like all insurance, the higher the risk the higher the premium. However if your risks are much higher than average and that risk is not reflected in the premium then it may make good sense to take the insurance. Similarly if what is at risk could sink you financially then you might well […]

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