Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill: “forcing” mediation will not be simple. What happened to Pendulum Arbitration?

Pendulum arbitration The principle of pendulum arbitration is beautifully simple. Each party puts their case to the arbitrator and each states the furthest they are prepared to go to meet the other side; save that they agree that they will accept an “arbitrary” decision. The arbitrator then considers both cases and desired outcomes Then s/he […]

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How to reduce risk of abuse in care homes

More evidence of abuse in care homes emerged in a Panorama documentary last month (April). The home in question had been designated “excellent” by the CQC and yet anyone with a relative in a care home (and indeed most people) would regard the treatment shown to a helpless person as horrendous. Footage obtained by a […]

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Go for gold

The Olympic Games must be the most inspirational event to take place in the United Kingdom for a generation. Attention to the events is bound to be huge and that is only just getting underway. In the meantime we all have businesses to run, clients to satisfy, people for whom we need to care. So […]

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