An online Employee Handbook saves 50Kg of CO2 per year.

A typical employee handbook printed out on A4 paper uses 6 Sq Metres of paper or about ½ kilo of paper. For a hundred handbooks that would be 50 Kg of paper.

It is assumed that as much paper is used in the preparation of an online handbook as for any other. It is the difference between being online and the final document being on paper that makes the difference. The ink is not counted, nor the binding, nor the cost of updating a printed document. To be fully compliant employee handbooks should be reviewed, if not updated, every 6 months. That has not been included either. Of course printing on thinner paper, may produce savings but this is usually at the cost of binding.

The carbon footprint of paper is open to debate but, as a rough rule or thumb, 1 Kg paper is equivalent to 1 Kg of CO2 emission.

Hence our estimate of 50Kg per Employee Handbook.

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