Main changes to the Tribunal System

The qualifying service for unfair dismissal rights will increase on 6th April from twelve months to two years. That means someone appointed on 1st April 2013 will acquire such rights on 25th March 2013 (allowing for statutory notice). Someone appointed on 6th April 2012 will not acquire such rights until 30th March 2014. This change […]

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Sickness or holiday?

Recent cases, particularly Fraser v Southwest London Saint George’s Mental Health Trust, make it clear that employees on an extended period of sickness can choose to take some of that sickness as holiday. This has always been a grey area. It can reasonably be argued that taking a holiday break during illness can aid recuperation. […]

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An online Employee Handbook saves 50Kg of CO2 per year.

A typical employee handbook printed out on A4 paper uses 6 Sq Metres of paper or about ½ kilo of paper. For a hundred handbooks that would be 50 Kg of paper. It is assumed that as much paper is used in the preparation of an online handbook as for any other. It is the […]

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