Love blossoms at work

On one level romantic liaisons involving employees are no business of an employer but, when they impact on the working relationships then they are. So should employers have a policy and, if not, how do they manage romantic situations? Where one person could be in a vulnerable position because of immaturity, learning disability or care […]

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Charities suffering due to costly employment tribunals

Writing in the Times and quoted on (, the HR Director of the Homeless Charity Broadway says Charities are “groaning under the burden of complying with employment law that encourages employees to misrepresent themselves as victims of bullying and discrimination whenever their poor performance or behaviour is tackled”. My additional view is that the […]

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It’s all about how you describe it.

Although the Agency Workers Regulations have been with us for some months now, I was surprised recently that even some in the recruitment sector were not fully conversant with them. Assignments can exceed 12 weeks but there are certain provisions to be met. There will be cases where it does not make sense to extend […]

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