Are we obliged to offer free eye tests and glasses to employees who use computer screens?

This is a question we are asked frequently and the basic answer is yes. Display Screen regulations provide eye test rights to any employee who habitually uses a VDU (including flat screens) as a significant part of their normal work. As a general guide some sources suggest significant means more than an hour a day. […]

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Contacting employees outside working hours – fair practice or intrusion?

Steve Jobs saw his iPhone as setting individuals free from overbearing governments, authoritarian organisations and, presumably, poor employers. But is that really proving to be the case? But now (even for those who are not managers, owners or directors) the line between work and private time is becoming increasingly blurred. iPhones can make an employee […]

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Diamond Jubilee 2012 FAQs

The nation will celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee on 5th June 2012 with an extra Bank Holiday. Furthermore Spring Bank holiday will be on 4th June this year making for a four day weekend – plenty of time to celebrate. But, for employers, inevitably it raises a number of questions. In looking at these questions […]

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