Avoiding the “on household insurance” claim

Increasingly employees, or ex-employees, are finding they can claim legal expenses on some types of household insurance. For the aggrieved it is a “no-lose” opportunity. That is whether they win or lose they can cause their ex-employer considerable pain. A win in some way. We see it more and more in Tribunal cases that are […]

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Trade Unions are good for employers

A surprising statement perhaps, from an organisation working exclusively for employers, but it can be true. It is some ten years since I sat down with a prospect to discuss their recent recognition of a Trade Union. It was something they certainly saw to be undesirable. Among their employees were three who felt they were […]

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Drawing non-union members into disputes

Bob Crow, of the Rail, Maritime and Transport Trade Union, and others seem keen to draw non-union members into any future disputes over pay, pensions or cuts. It is a disturbing suggestion. In the 1970s I joined a Trade Union, not to protect myself from my employer but to protect myself from the Trade Union. […]

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Will the TUC renew its marriage vows?

Ed Miliband has been getting a battering today (Tuesday 13 Sept) and there is no doubt Trade Unions want more influence in the Labour Party. With Trade Unions providing more than 80% of Labour Party funding and Ed Miliband himself elected leader on a pro-union stance, the side he is going to have to be […]

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