Reducing employment costs

Lancaster District Chamber of Commerce, Fenton Street, Lancaster LA1 1AB Monday 12 September 2011 Time: 16:00 – 18:00 As growth remains low and the market place is still tough, employers need to give attention to keeping employment costs down both now and for the future. This is every bit as true for the small business […]

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What are your employees tweeting about?

Any brand or commercial organisation should by now be monitoring any mention of itself on Twitter, Facebook and any up coming social media. There is old adage that if a customer liked your product or service they would tell five people and if they disliked it they’d tell twenty five. Today that might easily translate […]

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Care over networking

Regulate or liberate? Secretly many of us hanker after a world free of regulation where we can express ourselves freely and without the adverse judgement of autocracy. Whether social networking truly offers that opportunity is open to debate, but I’d suggest much of its success stems from that secret desire. However along with that lack […]

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Are employers becoming too generous with holidays?

A recent survey published in People Management suggests employers are getting more generous with holidays and that 34 days per year (including bank holidays) is becoming typical. This could be true if “Blue Chip” companies are the main participants in the survey. But it is not our experience in the Care and SME Sectors in […]

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Off you go on holiday. Can you require an employee to take holiday?

Statutory holiday leave is an entitlement not an obligation. If it is not taken then it is lost. It cannot be paid in lieu nor can it be carried forward to another year. There are some exceptions to these points, for example if any employee leaves without taking their full entitlement and in some circumstances […]

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Sick on holiday – do I have to give the employee holiday at another time?

In some cases, yes you will need to; but that will not often be the case in reality. Firstly your sickness reporting procedures should have been followed, showing some flexibility over time zones and reporting times. The employee returning with a deep tan and then subsequently claiming they were sick for the whole holiday can […]

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