Why observe an Employment Tribunal?

The “bottom line” for anyone in employee or staff relations is unquestionably the Employment Tribunal. It is where we will “end up” if we cannot resolve issues internally. Currently there are close on quarter of a million Employment Tribunal claims annually and with the average award now £10,000, it is no small risk. But it […]

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Good employees on offer?

As people, often good people, leave the public sector there will be opportunities for private sector organisations to access skills and experience not previously available to them. But smaller organisations will have to be careful. Firstly, recruitment is time consuming and for this reason, expensive. According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) […]

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Should an employer pay for a parking permit for an employee on maternity leave?

Q: I have an employee who is going on maternity leave. When she is working I provide a permit for her parking in Chumbury town centre. The permit has run out should I renew it or wait until she returns? A: 1. If this is re-imbursement of an expense on company business (eg if Chumbury […]

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