Taking on self employed workers

Utilising self employed workers has many benefits, especially for well defined short term project work. We highlight a few of these here. We also point out what you need to watch for. The main benefits Employment rights are reduced, especially the right to claim unfair dismissal. This means you can finish the worker anytime. You […]

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Rise in the self-employed

Around 15% of the working population is now self-employed based on figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Against this background the CIPD reports that two-thirds of employers are reporting that their vacancies are proving hard to fill and the average number of applicants per vacancy has dropped across all skill levels What might […]

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Could your self-employed workers claim employment rights?

The impact of the recent Supreme Court decision made against Charlie Mullins and Pimlico Plumbers means many more self-employed workers are likely to claim holiday and sick pay. Does it affect you? If you engage someone on a self-employed basis , provide regular work, expect him or her to discharge that work on a regular […]

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