Employers named and shamed for paying below national living wage

179 employers have been caught this time round and, with the National Living Wage rates rising by up to 5.7% in April we will all need to pay attention. It is easy to get caught. One of those named, Wagamama, protested: “This was an inadvertent misunderstanding of how the minimum wage regulations apply to uniforms […]

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Working conditions at Amazon, the National Living Wage, and you

Amazon is in the news again, this time for working conditions at its sorting depot. One concern raised was over the National Living Wage , where if The Times article is correct, Amazon may be pushing close to the boundaries (although they do seem to be on the right side). We discovered recently that one […]

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Uber decision, self-employed workers and you

You probably already know that a Tribunal in London has deemed Uber drivers to be “workers” engaged by the company, Uber. It means their drivers will be entitled to holiday pay and the National Living Wage. In a recent documentary Amazon has also come under scrutiny. If you engage “self-employed” workers then you need to […]

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