Tackle stress head-on for a happier workforce

In a recent stress study, one in five employees  said that they found their work either very stressful or extremely stressful – what steps can you take to tackle stress and make a difference in your organisation? UNDERSTANDING STRESS Stress is the adverse physiological reaction people have to excessive pressures or demands placed on them. […]

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Mental health at work

Mental Health First Aid England states that nearly a fifth of working age adults are experiencing anxiety, stress or depression at any one time. A quarter of us will experience mental ill health at some time in our lives. What does mental health at work mean for employers? The effects Anxious, depressed or stressed employees […]

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Stress: “get used to it” – hints and tips for employers

The employee and her representative sit there citing mental illness, anxiety and panic attacks as the reasons why she has let the employer down yet again. The employer dares to share some of her own personal challenges. What happens next? The representative immediately jumps down the employer’s throat. He tells the employer bluntly that her […]

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