Have you got Shared Parental Leave covered?

The Regulations for Shared Parental Leave is a new entitlement coming into  force on 1 December 2014.  The thinking behind Shared Parental Leave is to give parents a more flexible approach to how they share the childcare during the first year of their child’s life. Who will this affect?  The new regulations will apply to […]

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Employee Handbook updates April 2011

This outlines the current legislative changes that could affect your Employee Handbook. If there are any points of concern that you might have, for example about changes that you may have heard about in the press please get in touch with us. A lot of press coverage is more alarmist than it needs to be, […]

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Should an employer pay for a parking permit for an employee on maternity leave?

Q: I have an employee who is going on maternity leave. When she is working I provide a permit for her parking in Chumbury town centre. The permit has run out should I renew it or wait until she returns? A: 1. If this is re-imbursement of an expense on company business (eg if Chumbury […]

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