Why have an employee handbook

11 reasons and benefits for having an Employee Handbook – hear it straight from the experts.  1. To keep clear of employment tribunals You need to do this because a tribunal claim can seriously damage your health and your business prospects! So make sure you take the simple step of having an employee handbook. That […]

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“I see the Employee Handbook”, said the Judge…

“But I cannot see the Company’s name on it. Has the employee seen it? The Company is contesting a claim for constructive dismissal and there is a lot at stake. The employee had worked for the Company almost all his adult life. If he proves the Company have treated him in such a way that […]

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Make more profit with a better brand

Choosing our consumer purchases on brands, Samsung, Apple, Asda, Waitrose is familiar. But choosing an employer by brand is increasingly important to job applicants. Recognising the change in that buyer-seller relationship can reduce recruitment costs and help you acquire more productive employees. Recent research reveals that having a poor employer brand means the need to […]

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An online Employee Handbook saves 50Kg of CO2 per year.

A typical employee handbook printed out on A4 paper uses 6 Sq Metres of paper or about ½ kilo of paper. For a hundred handbooks that would be 50 Kg of paper. It is assumed that as much paper is used in the preparation of an online handbook as for any other. It is the […]

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