Brexit for employers – good or bad?

Here is our “take” on Brexit for employers… Much of the problematic legislation, over the past decade or two, has originated from Europe. The Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment Regulations (TUPE), can make the most experienced HR professional take breath. And who, among us, has not been confused at some point, by holiday entitlement? […]

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Are you keeping up with employment legislation?

Evidence is emerging that many HR professionals are struggling to keep up with changing employment legislation and potentially the effects of Brexit will make being so critical . Medium sized organisations need to consider the Modern Slavery Act and have a policy to address its needs. Small organisations, as a matter of social responsibility should […]

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Aside from morale, what does Brexit mean for Employers?

Here we speculate on some of the implications, of Brexit, for employers. Employment Law Much of the law that originates from Europe is already enshrined in Regulations and case law. English law relies on precedent and even if European directed law, such as the Working Time Regulations could be “ditched”, Judges would still need a […]

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