Keeping your HR data safe

HR data is invariably sensitive personal data which under the Data Protection Act, and the future General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), you are obliged to keep secure. Employer Solutions is pleased to announce that it has achieved the Cyber Essentials accreditation.

The accreditation means that our computer systems meet the essential standards of security appropriate to a Human Resource consultancy – a standard which some of our competitors will not meet, especially if they are working from home.

Personal data can be as simple as a name linked to an identity such as an email address. Any data relating to a person’s health is sensitive personal data.

The GDPR will provide further avenues for aggrieved parties to pursue claims against those who are negligent with their data. As well as knowing your own systems are secure the GDPR will require you to know where personal data is stored and to have established that it is safe.

So before you trust personal data to an outside agent so may want to be sure that they are diligent about how they protect the personal data of your employees.

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