Is modern slavery taking place under your nose?

The British Government estimates that there are around 13,000 people in modern day slavery in the UK today. Many are in “regular” employment and you could even be employing one of them.

Typically a slave will have paid someone money to apply for the job, have relinquished identity documents and have that person controlling their bank account and hence their income. They could be forced to live in accommodation against their will and receive only a fraction of their earnings for food. Often they are threatened with violence either against them or against their family in their home country.

Employees who are low on communication and showing signs of stress, particularly if questioned about their circumstances, may be sounding warning bells. There is a Modern Slavery Helpline on 0800 0121 700 or at The Salvation Army also offers help to individuals on 0300 303 8151 as does Migrant Help on 07766 668781.

For more information you may like to watch the video here.

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