We have student books to give away.

Maybe you know a management or HR student. There is over £200s worth of books up for grabs. The book is the latest edition of Human Resource Practice, retailing at £46.99. It is a best seller. The copies are signed by both authors, making them rare and meaning “kudos” among fellow students. You need to: […]

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Poor Health and Safety is now a serious threat to businesses

Individuals have always been at risk of poor health and safety standards but the latest sentencing guidelines mean serious risk to businesses. And that includes small and even micro-businesses. New sentencing guidelines are more prescriptive and at a higher level that ever before and they extend down to all businesses, even those with a turnover […]

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Is modern slavery taking place under your nose?

The British Government estimates that there are around 13,000 people in modern day slavery in the UK today. Many are in “regular” employment and you could even be employing one of them. Typically a slave will have paid someone money to apply for the job, have relinquished identity documents and have that person controlling their […]

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To pay in lieu or not to pay in lieu?

There are pros and cons, and the law is changing. As a broad rule we recommend employers pay an employee their notice pay when parting company, unless of course they are dismissing for the employee’s breach of contract, i.e. Gross Misconduct. This is known as pay-in-lieu of notice or PILON and can provide an employee […]

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